A Community of Entrepreneurial Problem-Solvers.

Join our community and find people, like you, but also different. We come together to collaborate and network for developing our skills, talents, and abilities into innovative solutions and creative products for competition and potential partnerships and business ventures. We are problem-solvers who are inspired and motivated by an entrepreneurial spirit.

Practice with Problems

Leverage agile frameworks to provide responsive and innovative solutions. Multidisciplinary teams incorporate multiple perspectives and skill sets for every project.

Solutions that Evolve

Iterative approaches to foster a community with collaboration to grow and increase the overall value proposition for all members, but optimal for those who are active.

Strength in Diversity

Organically grow holistic and inclusive world views of global citizenship, community enrichment, and safe spaces through workplace diversity and empowerment.

Survival Strategies

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive, productive engagements, and stakeholder success for thriving optimism, growth mindsets, and winning attitudes for lifelong learning.

Why work with us?

We emphasize a growth mindset with the freedom to act, make mistakes, organize and reorganize. If you want to learn, grow, develop, and practice without fear or judgement, then our community will help you build confidence and competence in areas that you choose. Your value is in voluntary contributions to participate, however you can, within any project or group that is available. The opportunities are abundant, it is a matter of your own desire and effort. Choose your own role with others who are interested in common, supportive, and complementary goals.


Everyone can contribute to design work. Improving and iterating through experimentation and testing is part of our design process. We value multidisciplinary perspectives and an interdisciplinary approach that inspires emergence and innovation within our community.


Testimonials and Case Studies.


We challenge and test ourselves in hackathons, bounties, jams, and sprints. This is how we get better and build the teamwork, cohesion, and chemistry to be successful. We strive to be creative and critical, yet supportive and constructive, to the team and each other. We fail fast and fail often to gain valuable experience and exposure, while meeting the needs of our stakeholders.

Our best projects

Clean Cart was developed in response to COVID-19 and the demand for innovations to improve safety and public health. We improved upon the idea and submitted a more developed solution to the IBM Call for Code Challenge.

project image

Aside from hackathons, we have take a challenge to develop an educational tool that will increase literacy in 3rd Grade students. Our proposal was accepted by The Futures Ed Tools Challenge and is now in Phase 2 of development.


Our whole community is focused on using technology to improve technology and make a better future for tomorrow by making a better world today. We have paticipated in several hackathons and a game jam. We have placed 2nd and 3rd in Devils Invent hackathon for COVID-19. We then tool the IBM Call for Code Challenge. We earned Judges Choice in the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020 Las Vegas. We submitted to NASA Space Apps Challenge 2020 Universal and Ludum Dare 47 Game Jam an endless runner using NASA data to inform the public about the Pacific Garbage Patch "Vortex", Global Warming, and Climate Change, all in the same weekend. We participated in MLH and ASU Sunhacks 2020.


We are self-funded with the goal of earning grants to fund projects and contributors.


We use social media and word-of-mouth, but also leverage recognition from media outlets covering our projects and participants.


We entertain ourselves through creating and performing in challenges on any stage.


Communication is open and flat. Everyone has a voice and valued perspective. Our strength is our diversity and commitment to the world and each other. We use modern technology and humanistic design to foster a culture of empathy, progress, and growth.

Our team members

Main contributors and administrative team.

team member
Curtiss Brouthers
Lead Designer

Co-Founder who decided that hackathons presented an opportunity to explore possibilities, discover potential, and innovate real-world solutions with team members of various backgrounds and skill sets.

team member
Valarie Adams
Lead Programmer and Product Manager

Co-Founder and lead contributor. Small businesss owner and developer, loves to help others succeed in tech and business!


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Join us! Follow us! Let's Connect! We are excited to meet, collaborate, and change the world together. This server is intended for students and alumni 18+ years of age and over.